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advanced course

Change the pace with Mario Pace

Dental technicians with higher skills level
  • Starts: May 26
  • 1 day
  • 10 participants
Course objective
Change the pace Change the pace is a course where we will learn to stratify a three-dimensionally lower six-element bridge: two pillar teeth (canines) and 4 intermediate elements (central and lower lateral incisors). The framework material will be zirconium (cercon HT) while we will use Celtraceram as ceramic. We will learn to position the pontics in the correct position respecting the shape, combined with the layering! The purpose of this course is the management of small spaces, how to respect the shape in stressful situations trying to reproduce the teeth in the most natural way possible. First day: Theoretical part through Power Point Evaluation of the structure and its adaptation to the model Individualization of the zirconium framework Individual layering and first firing. Second day Second firing summary loosening of the last Correction firing Final processing of the last + rubber coating Self-gloss firing + final polishing by hand with pumice powder Evaluation of the participants' work and short discussion. M.Pace
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