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basic course

Dentsply Sirona Lab: the Dentsply Sirona prosthetic solution

Aimed at dental technicians who want to discover the potential of the inLab Denstply Sirona system.
Dentsply Sirona Lab: the Dentsply Sirona prosthetic solution
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  • 6-10 participants
  • 1st day 07:00 - 10:00
  • 2nd day 13:00 - 18:00
  • dent. tech. Darko Mehun
  • dent. tech. Luka Melik
  • dent. tech. Daniel Dunka
Course objective
The aim of this course is to discover the potential of the inLab system and the advantages of CAD / CAM production in the laboratory. Independence in the choice of materials and in the indications, processing of CAD data and five-axis production completely compatible with other systems for the elaboration of the STL restoration data.
Teaching materials

Each participant will receive model with prepared crown and 3unit bridge. Through the Dentsply Sirona workflow each participant will scan lower jaw and upper jaw models, as well as buccal bite registration. Each participants will design his restorations and mill them in inLab MC X5 milling machine. Restorations will be milled from zirconia material (Cercon) and PMMA material. Restoration from zirconia will be sintered and finalized by each participants with easy to use Universal Stain and Glaze.

  • digital workflow from scanning the model till design and mill
  • different ways of scanning with inEos X5
  • scanning of dies with inEos X5
  • editing the virtual model
  • design a crown, veneer with inLab SW
  • design a 3unit bridge with inLab SW
  • Tips & Tricks
  • introduction to inLab SW CAM
  • nesting the restoration in inLab SW CAM
  • milling the restoration with inLab MC X5
  • stain and glaze the restoration with Universal Stain and Glaze Kit
  • lecture about different materials

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