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master course

Veneers & more – 3POINT Dentistry – Part I

Dentists and dental technicians with expert skills
  • Starts: Nov 05
  • 2 days
  • 10 participants
  • dent. tech. Darko Mehun
Course objective
Two different approaches to solving the same problem. Pressed and refractory dies veneers guided by Darko Mehun and Alen Alić. Patient preparation with the live presentation by dr.sc. Pavle Picek. Dr. Picek will be present all 3 days of the working course. Discussion and sharing ideas, networking, and professional socializing are one of the main issues of this type of working course. The value of this course is the presence of the real patient. All works will be tried in the mouth and finally, the best one will be cemented.
Teaching materials

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