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basic course

Webinar Celtra Press & celtra Ceram

Dental technitians, user of Celtra system
  • Starts: Mar 05
  • 1 day
  • 100 participants
  • dent. tech. Darko Mehun
Course objective
First day: theoretical explanation, investing and press Second day: layering of Celtra Ceram
Teaching materials

Webinar celtra system

There are two ways to participate.
The first is to be just an observer (by signing up for free of charge at the link https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwud-uvqj4rHdfe-0uXYGUj1Iga1VkWRAUz), the second is more useful, for a fee (100 Euros), if you are a user of the Celtra system is to register at the link below, after which we send you detailed instructions and all the necessary models for practical work.

In the active part of the course, two crowns are made completely layered, two monolithic characteristics with the stain technique and two veneers.

The deadline for registration of active participation in the course is March 1, 2021.





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