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Improve your dental expertise with CriDens CAD/CAM & Ceramic courses.

Why our courses?

20+ Years in industry

250+ Courses held

750+ Participants

25+ Countries

Dental technology courses that will make a difference in your career.

We have prepared two directions of education, one is a high-tech CAD CAM workflow and the other is a slightly more conventional, yet manually approach to creating dental replacements of various ceramic materials.

Education is important, be up to date with the technology and the requirements that your associates and patients place before you.

Upcoming courses

basic course
Starts: Mar 05 1 day
Target group 100
Dental technitians, user of Celtra system
Price 100 eur€ + VAT
master course
Starts: Nov 05 2 days
Target group 10
Dentists and dental technicians with expert skills
Price 1500€ + VAT
advanced course
Starts: Jan 24 1 day
Target group 8
Dental technicians with basic skills who want to go deeper in the esthetics of frontal teeth.
Price 300€ + VAT

Meet Our Lecturers

CriDens Ltd. cooperates with leading lecturers in the dental industry.

Daniel Dunka

Darko Mehun

Luka Melik